Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Taking My Suits In

Our usual loop this morning and then I took the bike to work for a very busy day. After meetings from 8:30 until noon at my office, I rode to another local synagogue for yet another meeting. The ride between the meetings was a welcome respite. After work I brought the new suits I bought after last summer's weight loss following my taking up cycling to the tailor. I've lost at least as much since then, probably more and those new suits weren't looking to great. but I was able to bring them to be tailored and I hope they will look good when finished.

Tomorrow I am riding with a friend and student, Mindy. She is taking me to some of her riding haunts out past Mt Airy. I'm looking forward to a long ride and exploring new vistas. Check this space for details.

Meanwhile, I'm slowly getting pictures taken on the West coast to work. this one is of my two sons in LA, taken by their friend and loyal blog reader Jacob.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ira. One of the unexpected costs of cycling is dealing with the costs of getting new clothes after losing all that excess weight we often carry. I know the feeling. But isn't that a great way to spend a little money on our health! Just to think through how many traps other people go through to lose weight and how much money, effort and disappointment they have to go through when sometimes the solution is staring right at them, between two wheels.

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