Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Round-up

It looks like I'm lucky to post once a week during this very busy season. I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep up with the end of the Vuelta (go Contador and Levi)or with the Worlds going on now, or with the continuing controversy around Lance's return or with the developing armistice between the UCI and ASO. Hopefully many other sites listed on my page will help those interested. I have barely been able to ride. In fact on Wednesday I was so tired I didn't do my morning ride, let alone a typical Wednesday long ride. But I had a wonderful Thursday loop and another this morning despite the predictions of heavy rain which didn't materialize. Weather permitting I'll get a few more miles in on Sunday and then not again until Wednesday after the first days of Holiday. It's going to be close as to whether I even make my 375 monthly minimum in mileage.

Finally, feel free to check out two new books of my poems, available through and listed in the sidebar under recommended books and movies.

Friday, September 19, 2008


This is height of my busiest season so I have not been blogging much nor riding any long rides. On Wednesday Annie was home which was a nice change so we were able to go out a bit later in the morning but only rode a single loop because both of us had many things to do. I rode again yesterday and today along with a few Brompton miles around town. Today's ride was truly chilly for the first time and we had to switch to slightly heavier clothing. The weather, however, continues to be great for riding.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Viva Alberto; Go Vandevelde

The tour of Missouri is concluded and the Vuelta de'Espana continues. Christian Vandevelde is the winner of the former and Alberto Contador solidified is lead in the latter. Absent the Lance factor, these two could be going head to head in next year's Tour de France. These are two of my favorite riders (Levi is in second in the Vuelta; I'd most love to see him win, but he is doing his job for the team and holding second is no little accomplishment.) It will be exciting to see all of these guys have to contend with Lance next year, and the extra media coverage he brings should make it easier as well as giving cycling a higher profile in the USA. This will help Vandevelde and Levi as well.

Regular loop this morning. Hot and humid but a very nice ride.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I arrived at Eakins Oval a few minutes after 6 AM to help out with registration for today's BikePhilly ride. Above are two pictures of the predawn mobilization and some of the early registrants who started showing up just as the sun began to rise. Unfortunately, though I got there as early as I could, all the chairs were filled and there didn't seem to be much for me to do. I hung around for over an hour, occasionally getting something for somebody, but eventually decided to give it up and left for the line up area pictured below.

The ride out was scary, what with thousands of cyclists slowly, very slowly trying to get going. I met up with Steve Masters and Mindy and a few other Mount Airy folks and rode with some of them at different times throughout the day. That was good because not having Annie home this weekend to ride with was tough. The first 100 yards or so I was walking my bike with one leg, As we turned on to the Parkway things got a little better, but were still pretty cramped through most of the in-town street riding. When we looped back to the Parkway and took off into Fairmont Park things were much better. I'm not sure when we came to what was the third rest stop along the way, pictured below, but it was far enough that we stopped at this one and took a little break.

That's Mindy and her friend Steve below at the rest stop and below that Chaim and Pearl, two students of mine, also at the rest stop.

After the rest we finished what was left of the twenty mile ride. I decided not to do the 35 mile ride for various reasons. I have a busy afternoon, it was unexpectedly hot and humid and my feet swell and hurt in the humidity, but most of all I think, I didn't want to do it alone. So we continued to the finish line celebration where there were some good eats and treats as pictured.

Never did connect with Denine, but saw quite a few people from our community including Alan Sandals, Jason Roe, Deborah Kahn, Laurie Segal and her kids.

All in all a great day, kudos to the Bicycle Coalition and all the volunteers. A fitting end to the "official" biking season.

When it was over I felt like I needed to get in just a few extra miles and so I rode another loop around the river drives bringing my total for the day to 33 miles. It shouldn't be a total loss.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tomorrow is BikePhilly

A rare Saturday night post. No riding today, though I did a nice ride yesterday but didn't have time to write. And since I came across this article tonight I thought I'd share it. Thought about riding the Brompton tomorrow, but I think I'll stick with the Fuji.

With thanks to ecovelo for bringing this to our attention, a great piece on the pleasures of Brompton. Read on: from the Independent by Will Self (pictured below)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ready For Bike Philly!

I rode about 22 miles yesterday morning ending up at the bicycle coalition offices (where bike parking is not easy, I might add) and picked up my registration packet for Sunday. While there I volunteered to help out with registration on Sunday morning starting at 6 AM. After that we get to join on the back of the ride. I haven't decided how far I'll ride beyond the ten miles of closed streets yet. It will depend on my mood on the day of.

I rode another 22 miles today. 14 in my morning ride and another 7 throughout the day. Last night I received my new saddle from ISM pictured below:

It is not as radical a design as the last saddle and after one ride at least it felt very comfortable.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Yes, come January I will be taking a Sabbatical from my pulpit in order to finish my next book project. During that time I will continue living in my house in Philadelphia and devoting my mornings to writing. But what about my afternoons? I've never been able to write more than 4-5 hours a day and generally in the morning. So I had this idea which now looks to be a reality. I will be an unpaid intern at Bicycle Therapy, my local bike shop, learning to be a bicycle mechanic (wrench)! Is that cool or what? Of course I will blog through my exploits, difficulties and achievements.

Meanwhile, Annie went out this morning for the first time in a week. It was good to have her back on the bike and out on our morning ride. She was a bit nervous (read: terrified) and it didn't help when I cut in front of her as we were returning home. But aside from that she had a good ride.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

After The Storm

The morning was beautiful. I could not ride on Friday, too tired, stayed up too late. Today I needed to be at a conference in the Suburbs by 9 AM so I needed to ride at the regular time. Annie is still not riding, she is still pretty sore from last week's crash. So I rode myself almost managing two loops, just a bit shy. Enjoyed it very much. Now, after the conference appearance, I'm back in the office with a full day of preparing for various events, classes and holidays ahead of me.

I guess the official end to the riding season is at hand, embodied in next Sunday's Bike Philly. I'm very much looking forward to it.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Back But Way Too Busy

To blog much. It's going to be this way for awhile. I'll try to find a few minutes when there is something interesting to note (how 'bout Levi wearing gold at the Vuelta!)Meanwhile, my five day hiatus from the bike seems to have done my legs good. I rode a loop yesterday and more than a loop this morning and I'm feeling good. Unfortunately, in my absence Annie had a crash on the trail and is sore and bruised. We're hoping she will be back on the bike tomorrow, but if she is it will be on the Tiket since her Fuji is in the shop due to the crash. That means I will probably be on the Brompton.
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