Thursday, April 30, 2009

Seattle Day One

Fabulous riding weather! I rode the Burke Gillman trail out to Ballard. Unfortunately my odometer was misplaced in transit so my mileage report is approximate but I'm guessing 20 miles round trip. I didn't stop for photos, but maybe tomorrow. The Brompton traveled well again and the ride was a tonic for my soul.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer and Schleck

The heat is definately on in Philadelphia. It won't last and it shouldn't last ince it is way too early in the season. But I must admit I love it. In the noineties today and already in the high sixties when Annie and I rode this morning. The sun peeking through as we finished tempts me to stay on and ride forever. Alas, a busy day ahead and all I can do is look forward to another ride tomorrow. The heat is predicted to pass after some rain tomorrow night. But on Wednesday I head for Seattle, problably with my Brompton in tow, and who knows what the weather will be? Acording to the forecast I should have enough days without rain to make it worthwhile to bring the bike, but who knows. Either way, if the temperatures get out of the fifities I;ll be happy.

I managed to set my DVR via the web yesterday when I was in New Jersey and so was able to watch Andy Schleck's truly histric victory in Liege-Bastogn-Liege. This is definately someone to watch in July in the TDF. He can accelerate on a climb as well as Alberto Contador. Luckily for Contador his time-trialing is certainly better than Schleck's (for now.) It was a great race to watch.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Glorious Morning

Not much time to blog today, but hopefully I'll get back to keeping this more interesting in the near future. Meanwhile, today was/is absolutely perfect. Sixty-four degrees when we went out at 6:30. A perfect ride, with little interference from people on the trail. Now off to the grandkids to celebrate my daughter's birthday.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finally...A Great Weekend

The weather does not sound to be promising for the next few days, but the weekend has been gorgeous. We went out later than we should have yesterday and had to negotiate a very crowded Kelly Drive, crowded with walkers for Parkinson's. Today we went out early and missed most of the building traffic for the usual Sunday High School Crew race on Kelly Drive and some kind of walk and run on the West River side. But both days were very satisfying.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Establishing A Rhythm

That's what I hope to do. This has been a rough period, weather-wise, holiday-wise, health-wise, and I'm hooping that the arrival of spring, which now appears real, will help greatly. Annie and I rode a lovely loop this morning. The sun was bright, the blossoms were beautiful and though we began our ride with the temperature at 40 degrees and are still wearing winter-like gear, by the time we rode home the temperature was 51 and all through the ride the sun counteracted the air temperature. Funny how 40 degrees in the winter feels so much colder than 40 degrees on a lovely spring morning. My April mileage remains abysmal, and there are not enough days left in the month to make a big change, I hope that the trend will be upward.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Opening And Closing Day

Opening Day for the Phillies 2009 campaign, that is, and the first weekend closing of West River Drive. Thankfully the weather cooperated, which it mostly hasn't this year so far, and Annie and I were out for a loop early before all the work we have to do getting ready for the Passover holiday. By the way, the holiday will also inhibit riding and blogging in what is turning out so far to be a very light biking year and blogging year. But Spring is really here, despite the fact that the 45 degree temperature and 39 degree wind chill didn't feel all that much like spring today. The sun was shining brightly and the cherry blossoms were beautiful. So hopefully things will get back on a regular track soon.
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