Sunday, May 31, 2009

Slow Spring Continues

My slowest spring in years continues. I am still riding, but missing more days than ever. I last rode on Tuesday, I believe, then again on the Brompton just for a couple of miles on errands and then this morning a nice loop at a good clip, but only once around. I continue to be plagued by minor health issues that discourage me from getting up at 4:45 AM. My back is still day to day. Part of the problem is that it feels ok most of the day but is badly impacted by sleeping positions so the morning is the worst time. Last night I discovered I could sleep sitting up and wake up almost pain free. So I rode. Plus I have some virus (finally diagnosed yesterday as Pityriasis Rosea) which is the cause of major skin rashes all over my back and various hidden parts of my body. Luckily it doesn't show up in public areas! But as the day wears on the itching is almost unbearable. None of this augers well for enthusiasm for anything, let alone bike riding. The doctor says there is no treatment but that it should run its course in 8 weeks!! I can't remember the name of the virus...pedarayisis or something like that. Despite all this I really enjoyed the ride today and felt stronger than I have in awhile. I may have enough time to do a longer ride later this week, the first of the year, amazingly. We'll see.

Next week the Peloton comes to Philly. I have been trying to get excited about the Giro, but something just hasn't clicked. I might have been more engaged if Levi had stayed in contention. I have an engagement next Sunday afternoon, but should be able to hang out at the race for a bit in the morning.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good Weather Weekend

The Memorial Day weekend has already yielded two days of good summer-like days and promises another before its finished. We've been able to ride consistently and, while my back is not perfect, it isn't interfering. No events have been planned on either side of the drives so the ride was really nice and we were able to keep a good pace.Only the occasional goose slowed us down. To get an extra day of late riding tomorrow will be wonderful. Too bad they don't keep the drives closed for the holiday.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back In Time For The Ride Of Silence

I've been off the bike (and the blog) for two weeks. Two weeks ago Friday I lifted the folder into the trunk of the car for transport to New Jersey for the weekend, and my back just caved in. Today was the first day that I was relatively pain free so I took a chance and rode the Brompton to my chiropractor appointment. It felt very good and I decided to stretch it out a bit by going on the Ride of Silence. I would have hated to miss it. This evening was also the first time I had to go back to work after my sabbatical so I rode the Brompton to the office in my suit and tie and finished up in time to ride over to the meet-up. I took off my jacket and tie and put them in the S-Bag, but was still over-dressed for the event! This year the riders wore black armbands (a suggestion I made after last year's ride) to try to signal more effectively to folks along the route the meaning of the ride...a memorial for those cyclists killed by motorists during the past year. The ride wove its way through Center City into West Philly and back again, all with police escort and closed streets. Aside from the sadness for the reason we have the ride, it was great. For me especially after not having ridden, not having been able to take my bike to LA last week. Hopefully, the worst is over. The lower photo shows the reading of the names and biographies of those killed this year.The upper photo show some of the riders wearing the armbands.

Friday, May 08, 2009


And a comfortable 57 degrees without the predicted humidity. It was a lovely loop this morning. We passed Denine on the way home. Lot's of folks out, but the trafffic was bearable.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Break In The Weather...Not

I thought I'd sneak out this afternoon when the weather seemed to finally break. The rain had stopped and I took a 22 mile ride, only to end up riding the last 2 or 3 miles in the rain. After such gorgeous weather in Seattle, Philadelphia has been dispiriting. But it was a good ride.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Seattle Day Two and Three

I had no time to blog on Friday, but it was another absolutely gorgeous day and I rode about 25 miles on the Burke Gilmin Trail in the direction opposite of Thursday's ride. Really nice, which I know is a boring exclamation but there really isn't that much more to say about it. The rest of the day was spend visiting friends and preparing for the weekend's programs. Saturday the weather turned typically Seattle: rain, wind, yuch. That was fine since I couldn't ride anyway. I did speak and teach for a good part of the nasty day and had a good experience. Then awoke this morning and the good weather was back! An old friend had aranged to meet me at 7 AM and we rode about 16 miles chatting along the way. Back early and cleaned up I am now preparing for today's programs that will last all day and through dinner. Home tomorrow, no ride, alas. From what I'm hearing about the Philly weather I may not get much riding in for the rest of the week! Hope that's not the case.
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