Thursday, October 30, 2008


After about ten days hiatus, probably the longest in three years, I was able to get out for a lovely ride this morning. Thankfully, not only did the Phillies win the World Series, but they did it early enough in the evening for me to get to bed early enough to get up and ride. Since the play-offs and World Series began I have been unable to watch every game and ride. So, between not riding and munching through the 7th inning stretch, I have a few extra pounds to get rid of, but it was all worth it. The series was stupendous. It was plain old fun baseball, complicated by the inevitable Philadelphia weirdness, playing through a monsoon and then having the first suspended game in series history. And the city is electric with excitement and pride as we await tomorrow's parade. While not on a bike, it has indeed been a great ride.

So off I went this morning wearing my improvised Phillies helmet. It was 37 degrees and I was in full winter kit. But except for my hands, for which I have found no glove sufficient, I was not cold. There was little wind, which was also a help. I rode a single loop but a little slower than usual. The cold always does that, plus my muscles had definitely lost a bit of fitness. I hope to be back on regular riding schedule again from now on.


Unknown said...

Go Rabbi! Go Phillies!

Anonymous said...

A note on gloves- I have hands that get fairly cold in the Winter. On my ride tonight, which was 2 hours @ 40 degrees, my hands were warm enough wearing my Pearl Izumi Gavia gloves. Anything under ~40, I'll throw a glove liner on under the Gavia gloves. When it gets really cold, I'll probably use the PI Amfib glove. Last winter I just used regular winter gloves, but I have a feeling the Amfib's will be slightly warmer, and give me a better grip on the bars.

Hope this helps.

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