Sunday, November 02, 2008

Let There Be Light...Again

The time has finally come when those end-of-day light hogs gave some back to us early risers. Annie and I left the house at our usual time around 5:45 and the sky was already getting lighter. By the time we reached the trail it was significantly lighter and we wee in full sunshine for most of our lovely loop in 45 degree weather. It doesn't get better than this, except if we could have done our usual Sunday double loop, but we are off to NY early this morning to attend the unveiling of my Mother's headstone. The end of the formal period of mourning has arrived.
And then there was one of those exasperating dog walkers walking his dog without a leash. The dog was all over the trail and there would have been no way to maneuver around him/her so we had to stop and have a few polite words with the owner about caring enough about his pet to protect him. But people like this depend on the good sense of others to protect them from their own stupidity so of course he was belligerent toward us. I just don't get people even after all these years. We were both seething for a few minutes, but didn't let it ruin a really nice ride.

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Anonymous said...

since it seems you are frequently bothered by joggers, dog walkers, etc. why don't you try some less trafficked roads? from my experience, i think you can get a much better workout without all the interruptions that are common occurrences on public trails.

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