Sunday, May 03, 2009

Seattle Day Two and Three

I had no time to blog on Friday, but it was another absolutely gorgeous day and I rode about 25 miles on the Burke Gilmin Trail in the direction opposite of Thursday's ride. Really nice, which I know is a boring exclamation but there really isn't that much more to say about it. The rest of the day was spend visiting friends and preparing for the weekend's programs. Saturday the weather turned typically Seattle: rain, wind, yuch. That was fine since I couldn't ride anyway. I did speak and teach for a good part of the nasty day and had a good experience. Then awoke this morning and the good weather was back! An old friend had aranged to meet me at 7 AM and we rode about 16 miles chatting along the way. Back early and cleaned up I am now preparing for today's programs that will last all day and through dinner. Home tomorrow, no ride, alas. From what I'm hearing about the Philly weather I may not get much riding in for the rest of the week! Hope that's not the case.

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