Friday, December 29, 2006

I've been blogged

Well in the event anyone looked for me yesterday (not likely) I wasn't here. I don't blog on the Sabbath which for me is Saturday.Since I have been on vacation this past week, yesterday was an opportunity for me to enjoy the Sabbath without working, which is how its supposed to be, but isn't for clergy. Anyway, our two sons are still here from Los Angeles and our daughter and son-in-law came down for the day with our granddaughter, always a wonderful event. Here they all are:

Our granddaughter is too young for a bike yet, just approaching her first birthday, but her father is an avid cyclist and my two sons have taken up riding having been inspired by my and Annie's example and I've chosen her second birthday present already: a glider rider, a bike without peddles that teaches kids as young as two to ride without having to go through the training wheel stage. Check it out at which I have added to my links list. That reminds me: I've been blogged. Cycling Dude featured the inaugural of this blog on his site on Friday, introducing me to the cycling blogger fraternity. Thanks Dude. Check him out via the link in my sidebar. Cycle Dude was good enough to inform me that my links were both inaccurate and inoperative, but all that's been fixed. So check out some of the folks who have inspired my present efforts. Today promises to be a beautiful day here in Philadelphia so more bicycle musings tomorrow.

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