Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sunday on the Schuykill

A beautiful vacation Sunday morning allowed Annie and I to ride today in daylight. As I've mentioned we're usually on the road at 5:30 A.M. and it is only just getting light when we return home at 7 A.M. But today we slept until 7 and were on the road at 8:30. This also gave me an opportunity to take my camera with me and show you some of the sights of the Schuykill River Path. Aside from the rare daylight ride I keep thinking that the weather has to worsen to the point where taking pictures will not be an option. But with the sun still beautifully shining and the temperature at a balmy 35 degrees, it was most comfortable for stopping and taking in the sights. We start at the back of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (that is, the pictures begin there; we've already ridden about 2 miles to this point.)My family already knows well that I am not the world's best photographer but that is the back of the Museum that you're looking at here from just in front of the Azalea Gardens.

Not to overdo things just two or three more: The first is just one of my favorite views as we come around an early curve in the path, beyond the famous boat houses.

The next is the first view from the Falls Bridge crossing from the Eastern leg of the loop, Kelly Drive. It took me a few weeks to achieve this view and I can remember the first time I finally saw it I was very pleased to say the least. Now I see it every morning, but it never fails to re-kindle that first experience.

Finally, the view of the city skyline coming back into view as we head back into town along the western side of the loop around the river. All in all a beautiful ride in the midst of a great city. Annie left me after the first loop and I continued along for a second loop, bringing the daily trip to 22.5 miles. I happily met up with my friend Harry who rode with me along the western portion of the loop for a couple of miles before tearing back himself for another ride around. Then home for me, buckwheat pancakes, an afternoon at the University of Pennsylvania Anthropology Museum followed by a satisfying Eagle win and the prospect of play-off games on upcoming Sunday's.

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