Friday, November 02, 2007

Busy Isn't The Word

Busy isn't the word for the past few days. Both yesterday and today I was out and about on my bike working, from meeting to hospital to meeting. After yesterday's regular morning ride I added enough miles so that the paltry 7.3 miles I rode around town today still left me with an average two day total. I was unable to get up this morning to ride for really only the first or second time since I began to ride every day. Yesterday was just too long. But while I didn't ride in the morning I rode all around town to and from three hospitals. The ride s between sharing in people's angst helps clear my hear, too.

I stopped by Bicycle Therapy on the way home and picked up a set of brake pads for my rear brakes. I put them on and toed the front brakes which are still squeaking somewhat. I'll bring the bike in next week when i have a chance. The shop was too busy to look at it right away as they usually do and I didn't want to leave the bike. I hope we'll have a decent ride Sunday morning, though I still have too busy a day planned to do any distance. We hope to ride over to the Schuylkill Banks Park in mid afternoon for the community meeting about the plans to construct a bridge over the rail track to access the trail.

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Web said...


Isn't it great to combine cycling fun with work?

How about including cycling with a trip to Israel? Take a look at the post I wrote today concerning the Israel Bike Trail. Sounds like great fun with a touch of history and possibly even a bit of a religious pilgrimage...


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