Wednesday, October 31, 2007

3 Rides: Fitness, Commute and Therapeutic

The Fall weather is really even better than riding during the spring or summer, I've decided. Despite the fact that today should have been my day off, I couldn't take it. Too bad as the weather would have led me to ride to Valley Forge before the winter makes that impossible. Instead I had some important meetings that I had to attend to. So instead of catching up on sleep and then riding, I awoke at regular time and rode the loop. Then I took the bike to work and rode into North Fairmount for the meeting. Rode back making some stops around the University including the newly opened EMS Store where, lo and behold, running the cycling department is our old friend Mike from Bustleton Bikes. It was good to see him and chat. Then I went to the office for some more appointments. Finally, at the end of the day I felt like taking another ride and so did the loop yet again. This last ride was necessary to keep my psyche in check as it had been a somewhat frustrating day, I had missed a day off, and it was starting to affect my mood. The ride cleared it all out.

Today's rides amounted to 35.5 miles allowing me to close out October with over 431 miles putting me over the 4700 mark for the year. It looks like I have a pretty straight shot at reaching 5000. Not bad!

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