Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Ride Of The Year & Year Totals

A bit colder this morning and a stronger wind, but another gloriously sunny morning as Annie and I rode our last loop of the year. It has certainly been a very enjoyable and productive year cycling-wise. All of our various group rides as well as our regular morning rides; our learning more about bike maintenance; our various new bikes and growing collection of cycling paraphernalia; all and all a very special first full year riding together. Our schedule didn't allow a longer ride this morning, though once again I would have liked that, but we settled for the usual 13 plus miles and brought the total for the year for me to 5082.3 miles! That is 1082.3 miles above the very ambitious goal of 4000 miles I had set for myself. Well, I will err on the side of caution, mindful of my ever increasing responsibilities and more and more hectic work schedule and set the goal for 2008 at 4500 miles. That increases last year's goal but doesn't presume that I will necessarily be able to duplicate this year's riding.

So, tomorrow we begin the count again. Unfortunately a previously clear forecast has been changed to rain (again!)I hope we will be able to start out the year riding, but we'll have to wait and see. And you, dear reader whoever you are, will hear all about it hear at Bicycle-Musings - (I'm A Ludwig) as usual. Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Blogaversary

Yes, one year ago today I set out to blog about my new found pastime, bicycling. I can't say that I haven't missed a day, but I can say that I've been very consistent and while not pretending to be either an expert or a blog/journalist, I have tried to also find and share other items of interest that I pick up from my browsing of the web and other sources. I hope those of you who have read Bicycle-Musings (I'm A Ludwig) regularly have enjoyed it.

Today was another lovely late December day. The temperature was 48 degrees when Annie and I went out and rode a loop. I wish we had more time today as the ride felt really good and I could have kept going, something I haven't felt in awhile.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Anniiversary Ride

No, not the anniversary of the blog, that's coming up in 3 days. Today is Annie and my 38th wedding anniversary. The weather is gorgeous and we rode a lovely loop this morning. Would have liked to keep riding, but our kids are coming and we are having our Thanksgiving dinner (postponed.)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Gorgeous Sun and Wearing Wind

Another great looking day, but much more windy than yesterday. I rode by myself as Annie had an early appointment and it was a hard but invigorating ride. So much so that I couldn't resist staying on the bike to do some food shopping after my ride. Came home and put the panier on the bike and grabbed my messenger bag and went off to Trader Joe's to shop. big dinner tomorrow for our 38th Anniversary; a kind of Thanksgiving for the Thanksgiving we missed due to my mother's passing. The granddaughter will be joining us...and her parents and a few friends. Hope to get another ride in first. The warm December is wonderful, though at 38 degrees it was hardly as warm as yesterday.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Big 5000

Misty and threatening to rain but 50 degree temperature lured Annie and I out for a Sunday morning ride. The thirteen plus miles around our loop put me over the 5000 mile mark for the year! Given the small number of miles I will cover in December, it is both a great milestone and a bit anti-climactic. I would have rather burst through the 5000 mile barrier with a good 50 mile ride, but beggars can't be choosers, or something like that. So now with only a few days left in the year, if the weather cooperates, I should be able to add at least a bit to the yearly total, but I will have to give some thought before setting a new goal. Conventional wisdom would say that if I reached 5000 this year I ought to shoot for more next year; at worst I ought to at least try to match this year's total. But it took an awful lot of riding and a schedule that miraculously cooperated with some of our weekend rides to accomplish this years total and there is no guarantee that my schedule in the coming year will cooperate equally. So I may just be cautious and shoot for 4000 again and see what happens.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Ah The Winds of Late Autumn

It is relatively warm and the sun has just come out through a dense morning fog. Couldn't ride this morning...too tired. But Annie and I did our loop this afternoon. Even more windy on Kelly Drive than on Wednesday, but we need to ride when we can these days.It was actually lovely.

Thought I would share this great idea for a bike rack that comes via Allen Snell's Bike Stories Thanks Allen.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Evening Sunset

A pleasantly warm December day lured me back out on the road, but not until late afternoon. Temperatures were already beginning to drop and the wind on the east leg of the river loop added to a much needed workout. So often I've watched the sunrise as I am finishing my morning ride. It was quite nice to watch a particularly beautiful sunset on today's ride. I did the loop twice and given the forecast have no clue when I'll be out again. It sound like tomorrow will be a washout but there may be another window Friday morning. The weekend looks like snow. I shaved 24 more miles off my new goal of 5000 miles for 2007. With a little weather luck I should make it.
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