Friday, January 04, 2008

Now This Is Winter

Went out for my morning loop with the temperature at 17 degrees. Now this is winter. Annie doesn't ride under 30 degrees or so, but actually this was an easier ride than Wednesday because there was very little wind. Wednesday's wind with today's temperature would have been too much. As it was, the temperature (or the layers) definitely slow me down. In this cold I feel like my pedaling is much more sluggish. I almost think it is the bike, not me. I don't know if anyone out there knows the physics/chemistry of it (I sure don't,) but it feels like the pedals actually are more sluggish. Anyway, it was beautifully clear and a wonderfully bright last-quarter moon gave way to a sunset just peeking over the horizon as I came home. Nice. Forecast is warmer for Sunday.

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