Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer and Schleck

The heat is definately on in Philadelphia. It won't last and it shouldn't last ince it is way too early in the season. But I must admit I love it. In the noineties today and already in the high sixties when Annie and I rode this morning. The sun peeking through as we finished tempts me to stay on and ride forever. Alas, a busy day ahead and all I can do is look forward to another ride tomorrow. The heat is predicted to pass after some rain tomorrow night. But on Wednesday I head for Seattle, problably with my Brompton in tow, and who knows what the weather will be? Acording to the forecast I should have enough days without rain to make it worthwhile to bring the bike, but who knows. Either way, if the temperatures get out of the fifities I;ll be happy.

I managed to set my DVR via the web yesterday when I was in New Jersey and so was able to watch Andy Schleck's truly histric victory in Liege-Bastogn-Liege. This is definately someone to watch in July in the TDF. He can accelerate on a climb as well as Alberto Contador. Luckily for Contador his time-trialing is certainly better than Schleck's (for now.) It was a great race to watch.

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