Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Between The Drops II (III,IV,V....)

It rained yesterday. This morning it was beautiful and I rode the Brompton 21.5 miles in a double loop before going off to a day of seminars. It is raining again and is supposed to continue through most of tomorrow. Will I get in a ride? Stay tuned to the summer that wasn't in Philadelphia.

I rode the Brompton for my morning ride because both Annie and my Fuji's are in the shop for their yearly tune-up. We both need new brake pads and we both need new chains and cassettes. This is the second time I've replaced the chain and cassette, but that isn't surprising when I ride 5,000 miles a year. This is Annie's first such replacement and that makes sense. Hopefully the parts will come in by tomorrow and we'll have the bikes for Friday or at worst before the weekend. Annie couldn't ride with me since her Bike Friday Tiket is still in the shop. We had the folders tuned almost two weeks ago and mine was back in a day. But Bike Friday put out a recall on her steering post and we've been waiting ever since for the part to come in. Very frustrating.

Today's ride gave me a mileage total over 200 for the first time in 2009! That represents an incredible reduction in my usual total, but I'm happy to be riding pretty regularly again and I'm not worrying about the total. Clearly one thing missing is the time to take longer rides, but there looks like a window of opportunity a week from today of the weather cooperates.

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