Sunday, June 07, 2009

Philly '09!

After an early ride with Annie this morning in beautiful weather and with clear sailing on both drives, closed for the race, I returned to watch the race. I don't think I got any photos as good as the one I took last year and then framed, but these will give you an idea of today's activities. The one prize though is the one below. It comes out a bit too small on the blog but the rider near the front on the right as you look at it is Floyd Landis. I must admit I didn't actually see or know I was seeing Floyd until I came home and downloaded the photos, but there he is as if I'd set out to get his picture (which I really did, but didn't hope to actually do.)

After watching I took another spin up and back on West River Drive to bring my total for today to 25 miles, 12.5 on the Fuji this morning and 12.5 on the Brompton later this morning.

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Unknown said...

I used to go watch them practice at 7 am but this year I went with my buddy Steve to Pennypack Park inte NE 31 miles and it is sooooo beautiful.

Glad to see your photos. What a glorious and inspiring bike riding day.

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