Sunday, July 12, 2009


We were having a great ride this morning, with both drives closed for a triathlon we were whirring around and on our second loop when Annie flatted. first time in a long time. I tried to change the flat and actually succeeded for the first time. But I had some trouble with the mini pump and it "ate" the little twist top on the Schroeder valve and when I disengaged the pump another tube was gone. So I had to high-tail it home to get the car and come back to pick up Annie and the bike. Shame, but I was happy that I'd managed to change the flat. Now I just have to figure out how to use the mini pump better. In fact, I changed the flat again at home with our regular large pump with no problem and in only a few minutes. Managed 15 plus miles for the day.

Not much going on in the tour. Considering that both today and yesterday were mountain stages there were surprisingly few attacks. The GC standings remain unchanged with Rinaldo Nocentini enjoying his days in yellow. There will probably be no change now for a few days as the race turns to the flats again. The interest will be in the Green Jersey between Cavendish and Hushovd. But starting next week the race will go into the Alps and that's where it will all happen.

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squeakycyclist said...

As a scholar, I am sure you will appreciate that it's called a "schrader" valve. Named after August Schrader. Schroeder is the kid that plays the piano. :)

But you said the little thingie broke off. Was it instead a Presta valve? I have heard they can break, but I have yet to do it, cross my fingers...

I've been using a Topeak Road Morph pump with good results. It is not a mini, though. I like that it has a foot thingie and a hose to relieve stress on the tube stem. But I get a lot more flats than you guys, I think!

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