Monday, August 31, 2009

The End Of Summer

Rode a brisk 13.5 loop today plus a couple of extra miles doing errands to end August with just over 429 miles. My year to date total is, as expected, way down from the previous two years. Riding tomorrow should put me over the two thousand mark for the year. Still not too shabby, I guess.

It was cold this morning. Well, I guess 62 degrees isn't cold, but it sure felt different. We were dressed in long sleeves and the unmistakable reality of summer's end and autumn's approach was in the air. I'm sure there will be plenty of hot days yet to come, but the change is coming. As I may have mentioned, we are already using lights in the morning when we go out.

A week from Sunday is Bike Philly. It will be the first and only organized ride that we've done this season. Strange, after so many rides the past two years. But it has been that kind of year. I'm looking forward to it.

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TheBicycle-Chef said...

Just noticed tonight that my odometer reached (having been accidentally reset) 1000 miles. I somehow managed to log on these miles within the past 3, maybe 3 1/2 months! It's funny how quickly they can add up. Biked 1500 miles since Dec 25th, and 2500 or more since I bought the bike Mid June of 2008. It's good to just keep riding, provided the weather holds out!

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