Sunday, April 04, 2010

Springing Back To Life

The winter just ended was a killer. It was the first winter that stopped me cycling since I began some four years ago. I was already slowing down in November and December, finding myself unable to battle the cold as I'd done in previous years. then the first of three substantial snow falls fell in late December and I didn't get out on the road from then until about two weeks ago when we had a sudden warm-up that didn't last. But the last few days have been real spring and while there may still be some temperature fluctuation it feels like we're back in business.

Despite putting on a bit of weight and losing some stamina, the break wasn't so bad. My enthusiasm needed a rest. And not blogging also gave me a chance to escape the feeling of deadline pressure that I'd created for myself. It feels good to be back.

I wish I had a good photo to illustrate this weekend's riding. It was the first weekend that the West River Drive was closed to cars and it was really great being out, though after Friday's weather I had expected it to be a little warmer.

And I wish that I could report that Annie and I rode the loop (not ready for a double loop yet) together.. But alas in the intervening months since winter sidelined us Annie's knees have deteriorated to the point that see requires replacements. She will be having both knees replaced a week from tomorrow and will, obviously not be riding with me for some months. We are hoping she will be back on the bike, better than ever, by July. In fact, we may register for the New York Bike Clubs Hudson Valley ride on August 22 and make it our goal to get her back by then.

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