Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Long Road Back

Yes, it has been over seven weeks since Annie had her knees replaced and I would say she is half-way back to normal. She is more and more independent, still in moderate pain, still using a cane, still bedeviled most by the arrangement of our four story house. It has not been more difficult than the doctors predicted, but I don't think we ever internalized how difficult what they were telling her was going to be. On top of that the nerve problem that developed in her left foot resulting in foot drop for which she must wear a brace has complicated things. On that front, she has been getting improved control and some sensation and movement in the foot so the doctors predictions that it would also return to normal appear to be on target. However, they caution that that could take up to a year, as nerve damage heals slowly.

So for six of the last seven weeks I have been off the bike. I was needed to care for her, especially in the morning before I went to work. Again, the stairs in our house were the main issue. But I started back on the bike last Friday and have not missed a day since. I felt better than I expected, though didn't dare try a double loop even over the weekend with the Drives closed to traffic. My stamina was definitely down and I'm carrying more weight to boot.But that's been coming back and on Monday morning I managed a double without too much problem. In general my speed is still slow, but I'm getting there. I signed up for Bike Freedom Valley on Sunday with the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia. Two years ago Annie and I did this ride all the way to Valley Forge, a first for her...a ride I used to do almost weekly, but now I don't think I'm ready for. I'll see. I may take a chance and go all the way, but more likely I will do a shorter ride. Either way it will be great to be out there and with a crowd.

I haven't had time to focus on taking any new pictures lately. Might try to take my camera with me on Sunday. Should get a shot of the new South Street Bridge whose progress I haven't been following since I haven't been out there. But now I can see that the span is up and it is excitedly looking like it will be back in good time.

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