Friday, March 28, 2008

Cherry Blossoms!

The Cherry Blossoms are out! What could be bad? Despite predictions of rain this morning it was dry and 45 degrees. Today I can say that there was really the feel of Spring in the air though another 10 degrees warmer would be nice. But the signs of Spring abound! The Cherry blossoms, of course, but the portable potties, too. Yes, as surely as the birds fly south in the winter the potties all along the trail were removed. One lone john remained in a parking lot on the West Side Drive. But this week the potties returned in a flock and today they were "unflocked" and spread along the length of the path. Spring and easy access to relief have arrived. The forecast is for rain throughout the day, but it sure doesn't look it, so I have my bike with me to do hospital visits and will record my mileage later.

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