Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's Not Quite Spring

Somewhat tired legs after yesterday's longish ride plus 34 degree temperature this morning made for a brisk but satisfying ride this morning. Then I kept the bike and added a few more commuting miles to the total.

I rode along 11th and 12th street on a hospital visit. Both streets are lined with trolley tracks. I always try to be as careful as possible, crossing the tracks back and forth as traffic demands at the sharpest angle I can manage. For the first time I went into the track and almost went down today. I will avoid those streets in the future as much as I can! After recovering my balance and freeing the bike from the track I suddenly felt my rear brake had pretty much gone out. It must have been coming and the sudden movement of the wheel did the trick, but the cable popped out of the bolt and while the break still worked a little it was clearly too much of a pull to engage them. I was finished with my errands and so went directly to Bicycle Therapy for a quick diagnosis and repair. Good timing!

1 comment:

Josh said...

Ever since I went over my bars a few years ago on Spruce St (near 40th) I've studiously avoided all streets with trolley tracks. My girlfriend learned her lesson the hard way (some serious road rash but nothing permanent) a few months ago on Oregon Ave. Glad to see you survived alright.

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