Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Suckered Into The Rain

I slept past the heavy morning rains today (I really needed the sleep!) and when I left the house at @11:30 it was 48 degrees, cloudy but not raining. By the time I was on my second time around the loop not only was it not raining but the sky seemed to be threatening to let the sun burn through and I was feeling great. So instead of just going back down the west side of the loop I continued on into Manayunk and stopped at the Starbuck's there to pick up some ground coffee to bring home and debate whether to go further out on the path or turn back. By the time I finished the free cup of coffee that comes with buying a pound the rain was just beginning so I turned toward home. Minutes latter the sky opened up and I rode the 10 miles back in a pretty good downpour. Didn't bother me at all. A nice ride of 26 miles.

Hey! If you're really out there how about taking my poll. Not only am I interested in what people think, I'm interested in knowing whether anyone is out there and this is a pretty easy and anonymous way for you to indicate your presence as opposed to leaving a comment or something.

Ok, so just about every site in the Cycling blogosphere is showing this Awareness Test and I might as well also. If you haven't seen it it really is quite fascinating:

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