Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Longest Ride Of The New Season

It was a beautiful day today and I finally really aired it out. I rode past Valley forge to Lower Perkiomen Valley Park for a 52+ mile round trip. I felt really good. the new tires seemed to have helped make an easier ride and I rested briefly in the park and then again on the way home in Manayunk. The only negative was a persistent and very annoying rattle that I couldn't locate. After over 50 miles a little rattle can get really big. I knew it had to be coming from the fenders but it sounded to me as though it was coming from the front fender , so I tightened it up when it really didn't need to be tightened. Finally, on the way home I stopped into Bicycle Therapy and Andi found that the front tire was a bit out of line and fixed it; still didn't solve the rattle. He took the bike for a ride and came back to report that it was the rear fender. Since fixing it required taking off the tire etc I just asked him to do it, much more quickly than I could have. A pleasure, the rattle is gone.

The new bridge at Oaks, crossing the Perkiomen.

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