Monday, September 15, 2008

Viva Alberto; Go Vandevelde

The tour of Missouri is concluded and the Vuelta de'Espana continues. Christian Vandevelde is the winner of the former and Alberto Contador solidified is lead in the latter. Absent the Lance factor, these two could be going head to head in next year's Tour de France. These are two of my favorite riders (Levi is in second in the Vuelta; I'd most love to see him win, but he is doing his job for the team and holding second is no little accomplishment.) It will be exciting to see all of these guys have to contend with Lance next year, and the extra media coverage he brings should make it easier as well as giving cycling a higher profile in the USA. This will help Vandevelde and Levi as well.

Regular loop this morning. Hot and humid but a very nice ride.

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