Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Friends And Neighbors Tour

That's what it felt like this morning, another remarkably lovely August morning. We were out of the house at 7 AM in order to beat the crowds on the Drives this morning. Thankfully there were no events and we did our first two loops in record time, both Annie and I averaging 15-16 mph. We slowed the pace a bit for our third loop. Annie was getting a little tired and the number of trail users was growing. The rest of the world was waking up and it soon seemed like we were meeting friends and neighbors left and right, ahead and behind. In no particular order there was: Derek, Mr. Korb, Jake, Miki, Denine, and I presume Sue. Plus all of the nameless regulars we say hello to almost every morning. It was a very pleasant 29 mile ride. Then I went to work with the Brompton and managed to go over the thirty mark, so far, today.

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