Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm Still Here

Just haven't had much to write about. Getting back to work has taken most of my energy and I think the fever of last week sapped a bit more of my spirit than first thought despite my being able to resume normal activities without any symptoms of illness. And with the tour finished and the Olympics about to start it just seemed like a good time for an uncharacteristic break. But I do continue to ride every morning and to use the Brompton daily for errands around town. So I'm still out on the road. Although today is my day off I have much to do and family in from out of town; and I was too tired to get up very early. So I settled for a double loop late this morning as the day was already heating up. I rode 22+ miles and will now devote the rest of the day to my various responsibilities. One of which will be setting my DVR for various cycling events at the Olympics, many of which take place in the middle of the night!

Our next big ride is Sunday 8/17, the Lancaster Covered Bridge event. Looking forward and hoping for better weather than last year.

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