Friday, August 08, 2008


The number of bicycling blogs is quite literally reaching infinity. Everyday one blog leads to another and I can hardly keep up with them. I have resisted listing too many in the sidebar. But today I added Cycloculture, devoted to cycling utilitarianism and consistently interesting, while I removed a couple that seem to have become inactive or consistently stale, in my humble opinion. Enjoy.

While at jury duty (I didn't get picked) I read the first hundred pages of a new book called, "Bicycling Across The Divide" by Daryl Farmer. It is about a 40 year old literature professor re-tracing the route of a tour of the west he originally rode as a 2o year old. Not overly heavy on the personal nostalgia; rather more concerned with the changes in the country, which I am finding interesting. Definitely a good read, so I've added it to the side-bar. Remember, whenever you want to buy from Amazon start at my page and search from there. It helps support the blog! Thanks.

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