Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Out Of The Darkness Into The Darkness

A bit melodramatic, I admit, but that describes the morning precisely. Our electric power went out at about 5:30 this morning just as we were getting dressed to ride. After a quick phone call to report the outage (having found the strategically well placed flashlights that we keep on every floor of the house) we went for our ride. It was the first morning this season that we had to use our lights at the beginning of the ride. Actually, we needed them for a good part of the ride. Just after crossing the Falls bridge we were able to turn them off and within minutes we were wearing our sunglasses. But the natural evidence of summer's coming to an end is irrefutable. Sigh. Despite the summer crowds on the path, I'm still not looking forward to putting on all of the winter clothes to ride and still feeling cold. Oh well, there are still many weeks until that happens, but the process is in motion.

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