Friday, March 27, 2009


Eight days since my last ride. Shameful! Should I bore you with the excuses? Grandkids, writing, late nights, lousy weather, whatever. Finally, today it felt a bit more like spring. Not a glorious day, mind you, but plenty good enough. I couldn't ride this morning (see above list and pick, seriously, had an early morning doctor's appointment. Still getting follow-up treatment for the sinus crisis of January) aqnd after the doctor's visit I wrote for about three hours. For those of you interested, I've now finished the first draft of the entire manuscript from my Introduction to the end of the commentary. Now i am working my waqy through it all again editing and re-writing. It is going well. Much easier the second time through! Anyway...this afternoon I went out for a ride. Just below 60 degrees, hazy, neither sunny nor really overcast, bit of a March wind, but not terrible, plenty of people along Kelly Drive, but not impossible as an afternoon ride will soon become. A very pleasant ride and though I'm not in great shape I felt good and if it were not getting on to time to prepare for Shabbat, I might have down a second loop. The forecast is not good for the weekend, so we;ll have to see what happens.

Meanwhile, for those interested in the world of sport cycling, aside from Lance Armstrong breaking his collarbone it has been a good week. American Taylor Phinney won the track cycling world title. He is about 18 years old, son of two American great former Olympians and promises to be a sensation when he turns Pro. And in the Pro world, my favorite American Levi Leipheimer won Castilla y Leon race, while Alberto Contador also of team Astana came in second. good chance you will see these two on the Podium in Paris come July. In what order will be the question.

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