Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The March Wind

The fact that Spring is officially two days a way was bolstered by today's weather. Not unseasonably warm, that would be an illusion bound to disappoint. Rather just a lovely, sunny coolish day, temperature just peeking above 60 at its high point. But warm enough to ride without an outer layer beyond my jersey and to wear half-gloves. I couldn't ride early today and might have chosen to skip it but for the gorgeous looking day. So I went out after 2 PM and thought I might do a double loop, but didn't. The time and the wind dissuaded me. Despite the lovely look of the day, the feel of it was also perfectly right for the season: windy. Very windy, in fact. I don't know what the official numbers were, but coming back along West Side Drive was like riding uphill all the way. Wind in my face. where I had zipped down Kelly Drive at 15 mph, I couldn't muster more than 10 in must spots coming home. No matter. A great ride.

I stopped and took a couple of photos that I've been wanting to take for awhile now. The construction along the West Side is just about finished and, lo and behold, they were building a fish ladder.

This is a shot of the viewing bleachers they've constructed for watching the fish climb the ladder.

This is a view of the mechanism itself, not that I know exactly what it is supposed to do.

I don't think the ladder in this picture is the fish ladder. But if you look at the very bottom of the photo you might be able to see the water.

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