Thursday, March 19, 2009

In Progress: New Entrance To the SRT

Cloudy but relatively mild this morning, somewhere in the low 40's and a very nice morning to ride. I felt sluggish starting out as compared to yesterday, but came home feeling strong. Along the Schuylkill Banks portion of the trail, just as it passes under JFK Blvd there has been a small construction project going on. Today the trail was blocked at that point and I had to dis-mount and walk around a truck. This gave me the opportunity to ask what they were doing. Perhaps others of you know this already, but I was pleased to learn that the new bridge that is being finished that is JFK Blvd will have an entrance to the Schuylkill Banks, both a stairway and a bike ramp. Nice. It won't make a big difference to us, but will help, for example, if I want to ride to the train station. Anyway nice to see that they included bicycles in the planning.

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