Monday, October 08, 2007

In Winter Mode - At 70 Degrees!?

Yes, Annie and I, after missing a great riding day yesterday for various personal reasons, set out in 70 degree October weather for our morning ride today, but had to switch to our winter mode of route choice because, despite the summer temperatures, sun rise is now too late for us to have safe lighting on the West River Drive portion of the route. So we crossed the Falls Bridge and then turned back. We had enough time to return along Kelly Drive all the way to in front of the Art Museum and thus did not lose any distance, but it is not quite as enjoyable a ride because by the time we come back along Kelly Drive jogger and walker traffic has increased significantly. The West Side is less trafficked. Such is life.

1 comment:

Fritz said...

It's been warm all over. I'm still wearing t-shirts on my daily bike commute!

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