Friday, October 26, 2007

The Last Sunday On The Drive/Some Cool Videos

This is the final weekend for the closing of the West River Drive to cars and the weather is perfect. Annie is home and we slept in, both of us being pretty exhausted, but got out at 10 AM for a ride. As expected that late in the morning, the drives were crowded. The section of West River Drive from Sweetbriar to the parkway had some kind of organized charity walk with masses of people. We took Kelly Drive which was passable but crowded. I didn't mind as much as usual. I was glad to be out on a beautiful fall morning. The temperature was in the low 50's and there was a brisk wind. And I liked being amongst the larger community taking advantage of this great Philadelphia asset. When we got round to the West side it was clear all the way to Sweetbriar but impassable beyond that, so we turned back and came around Kelly Drive again. We traveled 17.9 miles.

Speaking of cycling in Philadelphia, thanks to the Philadelphia Bicycle Blog for bringing this U-tube video of bicycling in Philadelphia;. For those readers who've always wondered what our fair city looks like, here it is. A couple of the shots come very near to where I live and to where I work. Enjoy!

And friend Fritz at Cyclicious shared this great video from London and I pass it on to you all. It is really fun.

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