Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Long Time No Write

I have continued to ride on a regular basis, my usual morning routine and occasional commuting days. but the pace of my professional life has simply not allowed time for even the quickest check-in on the blog. Sorry about that. All I've been able to do each day is enter the mileage, a subtle sign of life for those of you who may have noticed.

I won't bore you with everything that has kept me from the blog; but this week alone I've driven back and forth to New York twice and Washington once with another trip to NY scheduled for Sunday. I've done two weddings, two funerals...Oh well, I said I wouldn't bore you.

Meanwhile the weather remains wonderful and I'm happy to get in my daily ride, though I wish it could be more. I haven't had time for a long ride for weeks.

Anyway, time for another photo at least. this one was taken sometime last week when I went out for an afternoon ride after forgoing a rainy morning ride. I noticed that the Park ranger along Schuylkill river Park was on a bike and snapped him talking to one of the park users. I was surprised that unlike both the City Police and The campus police on bikes, he didn't wear a helmet.

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