Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Sunrise

A very early Sunday ride and only once around the loop. My incredibly busy streak continues and I'm off to NY (third time this week) again today. But the weather is beautiful and West River Drive is still closed on Sunday for a few more weeks so riding that side before daylight is much safer than it has been this week. Annie and I have been riding the West side of the river on the path despite the slightly unsafe darkness, trading that risk for the more annoying and equally unsafe numbers of people clogging up Kelly Drive even at 6 in the morning. My schedule being what it's been I haven't been paying too much attention to other cycling news but there doesn't seem to be that much this time of year. Certainly all the news on cycling seems to be taken up with discussions of the growing trend in the trade to create comfort and commuter bikes and to "grow" cycling amongst non-sporting types. It's a great idea and a great trend, but I'm not sure if there is a real market there. To the extent that I've seen an upswing in cycling around here, it is fitness that is driving it. We'll see. It certainly would be great if more people used bikes to get around, especially for the high number of short trips that city life requires. More bikes in the street ought to increase awareness and safety. Right now, more places to easily park bikes along the streets would be a boon for me.

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