Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cavendish Out Front, Levi On Top

This is a picture we are going to see a lot more of this season. Mark Cavendish beats out Tom Boonen by millimeters at the front of a bunch sprint ending a stage of a race. And probably we'll see more of Cavendish starting to celebrate before he actually wins the race. His cockiness is part of what endears him to fans. He doesn't think he can lose, and mostly, he can't. Great finish and a good day of hard racing leaving Levi Leipheimer still leading the overall race.

I'm kind of treating today like a day off. Yesterday was very busy as was yesterday and actually Monday as well. Despite being on Sabbatical I'm beginning to feel stretched thin. I didn't feel like sitting down and writing all day today, so I went out a bit late and rode a bit longer. I'll try to get in some writing later in the day. 23.1 miles today. 41 degrees, overcast with an occasional drizzle. Nice ride.

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