Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Hate To Complain...But

For those wondering: Here is a view of what used to be the south Street Bridge. The roadway is gone. I will try to get closer next time I get west of the river to see what is going on. Not the best shot, I admit, but it should give you an idea.

Before today's report, just a note about the debut last night of the Jim Strait Bike Show on WIFI 1460 AM out of Florence NJ but easily accessible on streaming web here. It was kinda of cool to have a local bike show. The host had a phone conversation with someone from the Amgen Tour of California, and also John Boyle, director of the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia. I missed the beginning but look forward to listening next week.

As for this morning's ride: I hate to complain when one can ride out with the temperature at 56 degrees in February (Happy Lincoln's Birthday, BTW. Take the opportunity to read the second inaugural address today. Or better yet, check out Shaul Stone's Facebook page for a recording of it by my son) BUT it was a killer wind today. So much so that when the first blast hit me about half a block from home and came very close to toppling me over, I turned around and started back, ready to give up on the ride. As I rode back to my house I decided not to wimp out and give it another try. Truth is getting up Lombard Street was the worst part and I was hit by a second blast that again almost turned me homeward. I managed to go on and ride the entire loop, but most of it at not more than 8 miles an hour. Sure there were a couple of spots when the wind died down and I was up to regular speed, and one short segment where the wind was at my back and I flew (someday I will understand why the wind is in my face most of the way going in either direction)but for the most part it was a struggle. Of course, being out of shape doesn't help and from that point of view I think it must have been a very good workout. Luckily I'm not on a tight schedule because again the total time for the ride was ridiculous.

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Shaul said...

For those of you who don't want to go through facebook but would like to hear my reading of Lincoln's address, you can just click on this linc(wink wink) Enjoy and happy presidents day.

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