Friday, February 27, 2009

Little Things Big Differences

The difference between, say 32 degrees and 44 degrees doesn't seem like much, but what a difference! We had our first ride since Sunday and it was a beauty. 44 degrees felt positively balmy, but I won't make the mistake of thinking Spring has really arrived again. But I'll enjoy the day while we have it. And then there is the bike itself. As I reported on Sunday I spent the afternoon cleaning the chains, the brakes, the tires and filling them (which I do weekly - the tires not the rest - but I should) and the difference in the ride was super palpable. I rode much faster, smoother and with more energy. It made me realize (as I remarked to Annie) that if just cleaning and lubricating the chain makes such a difference, imagine what it is like to have way better components. Unfortunately new bikes are not in the plans for the foreseeable future. Anyway, it was a beautiful ride and while I didn't bring my mileage totals anywhere near the pace of precious years I inched February close to 200 and after around 30 something in January that isn't too bad.

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