Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Now If Only It Could Stay this Way

46 degrees at 5:45 this morning. You might ask:"What was I doing riding at 5:45 AM on a Wednesday, my generally sacred day off?" Well, I'm on Sabbatical so I picked up another course to teach at the college in addition to my teaching Monday morning. For both love and money. So on what is an incredibly beautiful Wednesday, I was unable to sleep in a bit, not take a long leisurely ride. But I did get in my usual loop and it was very invigorating. I have convinced myself that the weather is going to stay this way, though it is only February, and spring has arrived. I know it ain't so, but I can't admit that to myself.

Meanwhile, the 13.5 mile ride killed me! I am feeling so fat and slow after not only riding so little, but eating so much. I'm back in training now and hope to shed the pounds and build up the stamina quickly. But it took me almost an hour and a half to do the ride that usually takes me an hour. And then I had to rush to get to school on time.

It is, of course, tempting to go back out in this beautiful weather now that I'm home after teaching, but I need to maintain the discipline of my writing, so I'm heading back into my cave.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Ira!

Thanks for your link to the Cycleiscious interview. I hope you found something in all those musings that you can use as you get your 09 season underway.

Isn't it funny how at one point in the year, a 13.5 mile ride seems to fly by without effort, and then, at another point, it is such hard work?

Reading your story about your ride on Wednesday reminds me of my own 'benchmark' ride - a loop that I call 'round the lake.' It's about 15 miles, and it's the ride I start out with at the beginning of every season.

It's like an old friend now. I feel like I return to it after a long season of riding, and leave it when the days grow longer and so do the rides.

All the best to you this year - and may you find the ride of your life in 2009!


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