Sunday, September 16, 2007

4000 Miles and Counting

The first phase of the holidays came to an end and Annie and I were out riding on what felt like a beautiful fall day. Perhaps a bit early, but the chill was fine and we road over 20 miles before I had to get to work. I took the bike for a variety of errands later on. It felt good to be riding today. A good way to decompress from the tension of the holiday services. Most particularly my mileage chart has now topped the 4000 mile mark, my original goal for the year. It is hard to tell the rate I'll be able to ride as the season gets busier and the weather begins to turn, but 5000 miles is not out of the question. It has been a great year of riding, a transformative year, really. That transformation and the role of the bike was the subject of one of my sermons during the holiday. Now if I can figure a way to create a link to it and store it as a pdf I'll make it available here. But it may take me a few days to figure it out.

I listened to the latest Fredcast today. David was offering an invitation to "joost" a beta program that has all kinds of TV content. Most importantly cyclingtv, so I asked for an received an invitation (its is an invitation only site in its beta form) they are being given away first come-first serve. I downloaded it and browsed around for awhile. Way more TV than I need, but the cyclingtv does make it worthwhile.

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