Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back On The Road

We took Tuesday morning off from riding after the Hazon weekend. Annie went up to NJ to visit Tamar and Shail and today would normally be my long ride day. But I didn't feel like taking a very long ride, partly because I had a million errands to do and two medical appointments late in the day. So I started out late, nearly 10 AM and stopped first at Bicycle Therapy to pick out a new helmet. My old one was shot. Then I headed for the Schuylkill path figuring on doing a loop or two. Actually only had time for one, but it was particularly fun as I met Jacob on the way and we did the loop together traveling at a pretty fast clip. Later in the day I was back at the bike shop. I really needed to get the tension in the pedals adjusted; it was just too hard for me to get out of the clips and I was getting really wary of using them at all. And while I was there I had to bite the bullet and admit that the bike shoes I bought were too tight. They had killed my feet on the ride. So I got a pair a size larger. With the better fitting shoes and the adjusted pedals, clipping in and out became as easy as it always appeared when others did it. I'm feeling much better about using the clipless pedals now. So, with the errands and the loop I added 16.5 miles.

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