Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Lovely Ride A Lousy Commute

Annie and I rode in the beautiful rising sun this morning. We encountered a train blocking the tracks both coming and going which has not happened in awhile. It doesn't seem nearly the pain in the neck it was when we first started; it is, rather, an opportunity to ride at least an additional mile in order to use the Chestnut Street access.

I took the bike to work in order to use it for a hospital visit. Yikes! Traffic in town was horrendous. Even on a bike getting through the streets was very difficulty and all the more nerve wracking since the cars were in a frustrated state of mind. I managed, but really for the first time, didn't enjoy myself. I was just glad to finish and get back on this side of Chestnut Street.

The big cycling news of the day is the arbitration ruling against Floyd Landis. I am saddened but not surprised. Not because I believe Landis is guilty. Obviously I don't know and having read his book can really see his point regarding the lapses in the chain of evidence against him. But unless the verdict is overturned on appeal, and I haven't heard whether Floyd will make an appeal, he has to be considered guilty and the cycling world loses a pretty great cyclist (or gets rid of a juiced up impostor - which is it? That's the problem.)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post, Landis included. Although I'm Spanish and hence ought to be happy that it makes my countryman Oscar Pereiro (he lives about an hour away from my house) the rightful winner, I am still unhappy about the whole ordeal. I wish Landis had never cheated (if he did) cause it really matters little a this point; the damage to the sport has been tremendous and one can only hope that it has helped -- though this year's Tour tells another tale.

On the bright side, we haven't had any news of doping, yet, in this year's Vuelta. Nor have we heard anybody praising that possibility. Perhaps we're all afraid of surprises!

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