Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No Ride Today...But More Great Pictures

Last night Annie and I rode up to the Neighborhood Bike Works (known as Bike Church, as it is housed in the basement of a Church on the University of Pennsylvania campus) for the third of our four sessions in basic bike maintenance. It was the first time that Annie felt comfortable to ride in Center City traffic to get there and back. It was great having her make that step. This week's lesson was on headsets and wheel hubs. We took apart our headsets and greased the bearings and ditto for the hubs. The headsets on the Fuji's are threadless, integrated and sealed. We took it apart basically to show it as a comparison to the unsealed type which most of the other folks were working on. Then we took apart our front wheel hubs and took out the bearings and greased them up and put it all back together. Great fun and I'm beginning to get a little more confident about working on the bike, though I'm not sure how much I will do on a regular basis. Next week is the final class, on brakes and cables. Below are a couple of photos from last night's session.

This last one is my bike with the handlebars removed and the headset exposed.

So, this morning it was very dark and wet outside. Not actually raining, though it is right now, and we were tired from going to bed late after class last night. For one of the few times in the last year we just bagged the ride and got a little more sleep. It's a stressful week for me and I have to take care. I have the bike with me for things I have to do for work today, so I hope the rain stops or I may not get on it at all.

But we have been receiving various photos from friends from our last two adventures and I thought I'd just put them up here today. The first one was taken by Dineen at Bike Philly.

The next is a series taken by our friend Jake on the Hazon Ride. Enjoy!

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