Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Nun On Wheels

Today only time for another very quick post. This is going to be the way it is now that I'm back into busy season. We rode 13.4 miles this morning. I didn't feel so good on the bike today. Partly because it suddenly seemed quite dark at 5:45 in the morning; partly because now that school is back in session the trail seemed more crowded with more people who don't follow the rules of the road. And partly because I took another dumb tumble because I couldn't get out of my clips well. This time I wasn't even clipped in on the left, only on the right, and still lost my balance. Oh well, I had predicted four falls and this makes three.

We are on our way over to Whole Foods in a few minutes to pick up our registration packet for Sunday's Bike Philly! Should be great.

Finally, as a tidbit for the day, check out Biking To The Monastery a blog by a bicycling nun courtesy of Cyclicious.

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