Monday, September 17, 2007

Last Bike Class

Our four session bike maintenance class ended tonight with a session on brakes, cables and shifters. This session was less hands-on than I would have liked, but I did learn a fair amount, especially about brakes and brake cables. The second part was too rushed and I didn't feel like I knew what was going on.

The ride back and forth was good and added a few miles to our otherwise regular ride this morning.


Josh said...

Hi Ira. It was a pleasure meeting you and Annie in the class. Just added your blog to my reader so I'll definitely be keeping up. And checking out your excellent blogroll. Take care.

Ricky said...

Hey Ira! I was just checking out your blog, seems like you sure do get around to a lot of great rides! Im glad to see that you and Annie are having a good time! I hope you are both well. I also wanted to invite the both of you (and anyone else from the class who reads this) to the cables lesson of the current class. I felt like much of your class was rushed because it was pretty large (and we spent alot of time talking with our dear friend Andrea!) the cable slesson this time around will be on 10/15. Also, we will hopefully be truing wheels the second half of the 8/22 class if you can make it.

By the way, Andrea has been gracing us quite often with her presence at Bike Church and has been sorting parts, patching tubes, and having a great time making small talk with everyone there, (an environment a bit better suited for her than a classroom type setting I think)

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