Monday, September 24, 2007

Yesterday's Breakfast Ride

We went for a wonderful breakfast ride yesterday morning. Organized as usual by Henry, there were nine of us, including our friend Sandy whom we enticed to join us. She had an adventure! The route was up the West River Drive, over the Falls Bridge and into Manyunk. Up Main Street, up Umbria and down to River Road. I'd been afraid to try this ride with Annie, but she did great and I'm glad we were able to do it with others. The hill up Umbria was really a lot for Sandy. But we all waited for her and eventually she made it. Then we followed River Road instead of just using it to access the Schuylkill River Trail. I'd never done this. It is a lovely ride. Unfortunately, not five minutes after getting on River Road we heard a load pop. It really sounded like someone was shooting at us. But it was Sandy's tube blowing out, and I mean blowing out. Six of the group were already ahead of us and did not realize or stop. Larry and I stopped and luckily one of my tubes fit so we managed to change her tire pretty quickly and catch up with the group. Then we made it to the appointed breakfast location, ate and returned home with no further incidents. The day was glorious weather-wise and the roads, both on and off the trail, were crowded with cyclists. It was really great. I had to officiate at a wedding last night and we were out until midnight, so with the ride after the fast the day before and our regular ride this morning, I'm feeling a bit tuckered out. But the ride was worth it. It was just 30 miles round trip.

Here's Larry working on Sandy's bike (and Sandy.)

Here we are at breakfast. Henry is in black against the window. Next to him is Nancy.

Oh! And lest I forget: on the ride home a wasp become stuck behind my glasses, between them and my eye. I was "lightly" stung, before I could get my glasses off and let him out. It bothered me all day, but was really not a bad sting. Just a funny sensation that took until this morning to get rid of.

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