Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Crisp and Clear

29 degrees as I set out alone this morning in the daylight of a day off with Annie at the granddaughter's. The thought of a longer ride, still tentative given all I wanted to do today, soon vanished into the 16 degree wind chill. I enjoyed my ride but returned home after a single circuit. Snow showers predicted this afternoon but it should be cleared out for an even colder ride tomorrow which I dare not miss since Friday is really supposed to be a winter mess.

I sold one of the Citizen Folding bikes last night. I actually had two or three e-mails and a gentleman who test rode it in the afternoon but didn't buy. Then I spoke to a woman at 9 PM who didn't want to take the chance of my selling it today before she could see it this evening and asked if I would show it to her last night late as it was. I was at work anyway, where a I still had one bike and told her to come over. She came, she saw and she bought. Not bad for the first day. No nibbles today, but I'm sure it will eventually sell.

This afternoon I did some bike shopping. first I drove out to Paoli to Performance Bikes. I've had a $100 gift card for some months and though I've looked on line several times, never felt comfortable buying what I was looking for without actually seeing it. Namely, a new cycle computer. So I drove a quick 30 minutes to their store (they are opening one here in Center City soon.) And I bought a really nice VDO wireless unit that does everything I wanted including cadence. Then I drove back into the city and visited Bicycle Revolutions on 4th Street to test ride the Fuji track bike they have. I loved the bike. It actually now comes with breaks and a freewheel so its a single gear not a fixie, but the wheel can be turned around if I want to try it as a fixie. It rode really well, though I'd also have to switch the bars to a more comfortable, less deep drop or flat bar if I bought it. Truth is, at that point what would be the point. So I'm probably not going to buy it but enjoyed the ride (and I'm still thinking about it... the price was right.)

Yesterday's ATOC 2nd stage was wet and wild with the win going to Tom Boonen (I'm glad) and the Golden Jersey to Tyler Farrar (That will be short-lived.)I am anxious to watch today's action as it is the first big climbing day and I anticipate Levi moving up in the GC big time.

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