Monday, February 18, 2008

Weird But Wonderful

I watched the Versus coverage of the opening of the Tour Of California last night. Very nice to have Phil and Paul and Bobke back and though there was a lot more talking than racing, that felt good for the first show of the season. Good introductions to the new teams and some of the pressing problems of the sport.

It was pretty clear to me that yesterday's course would pretty much exclude the possibility of Levi's winning. I'm pretty impressed that he did as well as fourth place given the competition of sprinters and time trial specialists. Wiggins' ride was beautiful but Cancellara pretty much has a lock on these events. There is a long way to go until the end, and Levi is well placed.

I just signed up for the Let Levi
web site. Excluding him, Contador and the entire Astana team is ludicrous.

Finally, in the spirit of California, Annie and I rode in 61 degree weather this morning! Weird but Wonderful in February.

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