Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm Back!

I returned from Washington DC on a 1:30 train and was out on the Schuylkill by 2:30 with Annie. We had to walk to pick up the bikes as she had used my absence to wisely bring both of them in for tune-ups. Turned out my bike needed a new chain and rear cog. I guess my over 5000 miles really wore out the bike! What a difference. I felt like I was flying on the path. It was so much easier to pedal. We had a really nice ride in beautiful sunshine, a bit windy and 38 degrees. I won't be able to ride tomorrow because my car has to go in for service now. So it felt doubly good to get out there.

While I was away I did catch up on most of the magazines that had piled up and some, but not all, of the podcasts.

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